Well hello there! You just arrived at GLOW, a humble little collective of fanlistings that Kate has either joined or created. You knew I couldn't stay away from these things, didn't you. haha~ If you're new to the lovely world of fanlistings, TAFL can fill you in, or you can just trust me when I say a fanlisting is a beautiful thing that we create and join to show just a small portion of our love for a certain subject. ♥ So I invite you to take a look around and as always, please enjoy your visit!

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   welcome to glow !

Here at GLOW I currently own 7 fanlistings, and have joined 69 fanlistings. A while ago I had joined some under certain old emails, and my old url, but I can not remember all of them so I decided to start all over this time around! ;( To view these said fanlistings you can click on "joined" in the navigation below! As for the layout you viewing the second version of Glow featuring the beautiful Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.